saying no without being mean

saying no.jpg

 I get it, it’s hard to say no. 

As women we worry that we’ll be seen as unhelpful or rude when we set boundaries and say no.

And trust me, it takes practice to get comfortable saying no.

As a new mom, you’ll get a lot of requests coming your way.

It’s super important to say "Yes!" only to the things that are absolutely essential or you’ll risk burning out. 

Saying things like the below might be uncomfortable at first, but it’s easier done in advance before a frustrated blow up occurs!

Look no further than this little cheat sheet, if you need easy ways ways to say no without seeming too “harsh” or “rude.”

Saying No Cheat Sheet

1. Express gratitude and don’t worry, it’s not personal. 

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support, I really appreciate it! If we need help with XYZ, we’ll be sure to ask you for it.

2. No, I made a promise to myself. 

During my first six months as a mom, I made a commitment that I wouldn’t take on any more projects. I’m working on taking care of myself and my little one which is a full time job these days :) Thanks for your support in helping me create space for this in my life. 

3. Appreciation and then a vague, but solid no

Thanks for asking, but we're only having immediate family visit in the hospital.

4. Solid no, and then offer to send in a reinforcement or two. 

I can’t do it, but I bet Lindsey or Laura can. I’ll put you in touch with them directly to see if they can help. 

5. Simple no. 

Thanks, I’ll have to pass on that though. 

Remember that by saying NO to requests, long visits, or commitments that feel overwhelming or not right, you’re opening yourself up to your new priorities as a working mama.