Day 6

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Did you meditate today? Go you!!! Which affirmation had you saying "hells yes!" I need some more of that type of thinking in my life. 

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below...

Guiding affirmations from today's meditation
1. I make plans but remain open to the surprises that life has in-store for me.
2. I look for signs that the universe is conspiring in my favor
3. I welcome the opportunity to get outside my comfort zone. I do not allow myself to be guided by fear
4. I demonstrate courage in being vulnerable which deepens my connection to those around me. 
5. I give everywhere I go, even if only a smile, a compliment, and my full attention. Listening and being present is the best gift I can give to those around me.
6. What other people think of me is not important, and worrying about it distracts from my happiness.
7. I am going to honor my body and drink water, eat fruit and vegetables, and move.
8. I love the person I am without having to do anything or be anything. I do not need others approval to love myself fully.
9. I try to being more and more self compassionate each day as I know I can only love others in my life as much as I love myself.
10. I try to be impeccable in my word and to speak only to spread positivity.