The Ultimate Maternity Leave Resource


a Note From Lisa Abramson

Author of the Best-Selling Book, The Wise Mama Guide to Maternity Leave

Let’s face it. If you’ve gotten engaged, most of your focus was probably on wedding planning and the honeymoon, as opposed to preparing for a healthy and long marriage. The same can be true for pregnancy, where new moms spend most of their time and energy worrying about the birth, as opposed to their maternity leave, and then life with a baby. But, just like on your wedding day, you can’t predict if it will rain or shine, but you can make plans so that no matter what happens, you’ll know where to turn. I created this Maternity Leave Guide to help new moms feel a little less overwhelmed, and a little more in control of their post natal life. Childbirth lasts one day (hopefully!), but motherhood is forever. I’m here to help you prepare for the forever part.