Book: The Wise Mama Guide to Maternity Leave

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Book: The Wise Mama Guide to Maternity Leave


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There are many books about being pregnant and giving birth, but none focus on the emotional component of transitioning to motherhood and how to set yourself up for success during maternity leave. 

Look no further working moms-to-be, this Maternity Leave guide is what you’ve been waiting for. Written for the busy professional, this handbook has everything you need in one place, and you can easily digest it in a single sitting. 

New moms spend most of their time and energy worrying about the birth (who wouldn’t?!), only to later realize that this was a teeny, tiny blip in their life as a mom. And the truth is, you can’t predict how your baby will be born, but you can make plans for a smoother transition into motherhood.

Whether you have 6 weeks or 6 months, maternity leave requires a fundamentally different mindset. It’s not a test and no one is giving out grades or promotions based on how you perform. And yet, without a conscious shift, many professional moms find themselves striving to succeed at motherhood. This is an engaging guide to maternity leave that will help you avoid the common mistakes made by overachieving, Type A, working women when they transition into motherhood. The book also covers how to avoid “bad mom syndrome”, as well as the rarely discussed emotional components of pregnancy and motherhood. 

Through her own story of becoming a mother, Lisa Abramson infuses this guide with practical tools and tips. And as a lifelong overachiever, Lisa understands the pressures on modern working women. After a devastating and intense experience with Postpartum Depression and Psychosis, everyone can learn from Lisa’s rocky and challenging transition into motherhood. The tools and tips she shares are her hard earned lessons. 

This is the book Lisa wished she’d read before becoming a mom, and Lisa hopes it can be a source of light and wisdom for you too. Whether you’re pregnant with your first, or a mother of three, this guide is for all working moms out there.

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Advanced Praise

“Down-to-earth and packed with honesty, this unique guide cuts through layers of damaging motherhood myths. Following the wise tips Lisa Abramson gathered the hard way, new moms and moms-to-be can avoid many common struggles and truly enjoy maternity leave.” 
- Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D., Perinatal Psychologist and Author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies

“Filled with wisdom, soul, and raw honesty, this book is the ultimate companion guide for the messy truth behind the mystery of early motherhood.” 
- Dr. Leslie Carr, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Advocate

"This is the book I wish I had read before I became a mom. As a high achieving and independent woman, transitioning to motherhood was challenging. This book is the perfect guide to entering this new phase of life with intention and armed with tips, tools and resources for a smooth transition."
- Suzannah Scully, TEDx Speaker, Executive Coach and Podcast Host

“Perfect for the busy mom-to-be, there is so much helpful information packed into this concise and easy to digest book. A MUST read if you are returning to work after the birth of a child."
- Casey Georgeson, Innovation and Creative Lead at The Wine Group

"This is the manual new moms need for navigating motherhood and integrating a new baby into our already busy everyday routine. From mindfulness to self-compassion to getting comfortable asking for help, this concise guide teaches life skills all new moms can benefit from learning more about. I highly recommend it." 
- Jennifer Marshall, TEDx Speaker and Co-Founder & Executive Director of This is My Brave

"Waiting for my second baby, I am so glad to have this guide handy. I just wish I had read it before my first baby! Highly recommended to any mom, whether you are expecting your first or have four kids." – Maura Pincay-Jeffery, Cash Operations Manager at Airbnb

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